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Last Resort AB

VM001 - Suede Lo (Black / Black)

VM001 - Suede Lo (Black / Black)

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Last Resort
Mens Shoe
Black / Black

The VM001 is our first shoe made solely with skateboarding in mind - in every detail. A sil- houette that is nice and simple, just the way we skaters like it.

Extensive testing and development has gone into creating a highly functional shoe for skate- boarding and beyond, without compromising style. Every part of the shoe is customized for Last Resort AB according to our preferences and experience. Our mantra: Intention to Detail, is in-corporated throughout the entire process resulting in a shoe filled with hidden functionality.

The Last:

We have modified the shape of the last to ensure a better more snug fit where it matters themost.

The Sole:

We have created a sole pattern with great grip and stability in mind, as an added bonus all an- gles are slanted in a way that does not collect’re welcome.

The Foxing tape:

We have fine tuned the thickness and height of the tape to ensure great flexibility and boardfeel, it’s truly a millimeters game that matters.

The Upper and Laces:

Panels in the danger zone are reinforced with double stitching. Our structured laces are made of 100% Cotton, which will age and tear more gracefully than any poly-mix laces, they will also stay in place better than the synthetic alternative.

Last but not least.

These shoes are made by and for Skateboarders around the world, girls and boys out on the streets having fun, being creative. We don’t have any corporate backing, no one telling us what to do. And neither should you.


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