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Gel-Flexkee Pro 2.0 (Black / Safety Yellow) Paris

Gel-Flexkee Pro 2.0 (Black / Safety Yellow) Paris

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Mens Shoe
Gel-Flexkee Pro 2.0
Paris Black / Safety Yellow

This product was developed by analyzing the movements of athletes in skateboarding competitions at the ASICS Sports Engineering Laboratory while incorporating the opinions of Takasaki Nakamura, our advisory staff, and is characterized by its high functionality so that athletes can demonstrate their performance. While riding, fine movement of the front of the foot is required, so a continuous groove from the bottom to the side of the outsole is provided on the outside of the front of the shoe to increase the flexibility to follow the movement of the foot. The upper is designed to be asymmetrical inside and outside the eyelet part and has a shape that takes up a large area outside the instep of the foot, which is in frequent contact with the board. While maintaining a secure fit that follows the instep of the foot, it makes it easier to feel the touch of the board, allowing for more delicate riding. In addition, the shape of the eyelet has been devised and the velo part is folded back to make it difficult to cut the laces, etc., and consideration is given to durability. The sole is designed to be easy to maintain balance on the board while softening the load on landing with the impact cushioning material "GEL" from the center of the heel to the inside. The front of the upper is characterized by the use of polyurethane resin used in our tennis shoes, etc., to further improve wear resistance.

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