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Gel-Flexkee Slip-On (Black / Tourmaline)

Gel-Flexkee Slip-On (Black / Tourmaline)

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Mens Shoe
Gel-Flexkee Slip-On
Black / Tourmaline

This product is a slip-on type from the "GEL-FLEXKEE" series, which was developed at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science and Technology by analyzing the movements of athletes in skateboarding competitions and incorporating the opinions of our advisory staff member Takasaki Nakamura. It is characterized by its high functionality so that athletes can demonstrate their best performance.

  • Upper has a rubber guard on the toe to improve abrasion resistance.
  • The sole of the shoe is deigned with a shock-absorbing material called "GEL" placed inside the center of the heel to reduce the load upon landing while also making it easier to maintain balance on the board.
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