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Gel-Vickka Pro (Prussian Blue / Pure Silver)

Gel-Vickka Pro (Prussian Blue / Pure Silver)

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Mens Shoe
Gel-Vickka Pro
Prussian Blue / Pure Silver

The GEL-VICKKA™ PRO shoes is inspired by the VICKKA™ training shoe from the 1970s. Its original design focus was to help increase stability during complex training movements. Today, its revamped with a skate-specific functionality. 

The upper's forefoot features a one-piece construction that helps reduce tearing. Its sockliner design is based on the movement analysis that occurs while skating. This component applies different levels of pressure on the inside and outside to help promote a better center of gravity and stability.

Lastly, our GEL™ technology is strategically placed in the heel to help decrease the impact of hard landings. 

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